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The music industry has gone through some dramatic changes in the past 10 years with the advent of the Internet offering new ways of getting songs to fans. 

With record companies dwindling and diversifying, it’s arguably easier for bands and their followers to communicate direct through social media. 

Such is the view of Hi Tide, a band which is taking an intriguing route to making its new album: crowdfunding. 

We caught up with Sean Hennings, who explained what it’s all about. 

“We are using a platform called Pledge Music to help us raise necessary funds,” says Hennings.  

“They are a very musician friendly company and gave us great advice and guidance in setting up the campaign.” 

“Although this is new to us, crowd/fan funding has been around for quite some time helping many independent artist get their recordings out to fans. Many big artists use this concept to fund their projects also. Two that pop to mind are David Sanborn and Ok Go.” 

The idea is that in return for a pledge of funds, fans can access special rewards. The funds are only taken when the campaign reaches its target – in this case, enough to record and produce a new album, “Hi Tide 5.” 

“There are many rewards in return for pledges,” confirms the Caymanian.  

“Starting from the smallest which is $10 for a download of the album, we have the new physical CD, a collection of our CDs, our DVD, recordings of cover songs of the pledgers choice, original artwork of the band, live performances and other goodies too.” 

So is this the way forward for independent bands? 

“I do believe so, with major labels becoming less and less every day, and so many successful independent artists now doing their own thing I see crowd/fan funding as the way forward for sure. It is a good concept because if the goal amount isn’t reached, no one would be charged for their pledge and no one loses their money.  

“And if the goal is reached the artist must stand behind their rewards promised by pledgers or end up losing the most important part of what makes them successful. Their fans.” 

As for the final result, it is mooted to be a full-length album with 10 new original compositions by Hi Tide, says Hennings. 

“As always, it will be a melting pot of sound capturing the many influences that we have somehow weaved into our own Cayman style. As described by a fan and friend of the band, ‘An explosion of soothing pop sounds with a tropical twist.’ 

“This is our fifth album of originals but will be our 12th release, and as with all the previous 11, we will have two of Cayman’s finest joining us in the studio to capture the tracks live: Jonathan Ebanks on guitar and Bugs Wilson on bass.  

“We are still in the process of organizing horn players, background vocalists and a string section all out of Miami so we do not have those names as yet. Well one actually, sax man Paul Messina. And he will be writing all of the horn and string parts,” Hennings explains. 

So how can people get involved with making all this happen? 

“We appreciate any pledge no matter how big or small and one thing we promise; This is going to be our best work yet! 

“Just visit and the link is there on the home page to leave a pledge.” 

Cayman nights have been filled with sweet music for more than 20 years with acoustic Caribbean pop courtesy of Hi Tide. 

Sean Hennings and Shane Allenger are the duo at the heart of the matter, with extra musicians bolstering them to a four-piece act on occasion. 

Weekender spoke with Hennings this week. 

How did you get together?  

We are related, but didn’t meet until we were around 15 or 16, and we’ve been performing together ever since. We started Hi Tide in 1993 but first performed together in one of Cayman’s most popular bands, Network, from when we were in our teens to early 20s. As the acoustic duo, it’s me on acoustic guitar and Shane on lead vocals and congas. Our four-piece usually consists of me on drums, Shane on congas and lead vocals, Bugs Wilson on bass and Jonathan Ebanks on lead guitar. 

 What are your guaranteed floor fillers and why? 

I would say our original song “Love You More.” It’s a fun dance song with a very catchy hook. And whenever we play another original, “Every Time,” it grabs everyone’s attention. It’s not a floor filler, but many people love the song. 

 Tell us about the recordings you have put out to date and are there any plans for more? 

Eleven titles, four albums with original songs, two “Unplugged” cover albums, three Christmas albums, “A Live At Deckers” CD (which is a mix of originals and covers) and a live CD/DVD combo pack. And yes, we are currently working on our fifth studio album of originals. 

Which bands/artists are you fans of and what influences you?  

I am a Beatles, Bob Marley, Hendrix fan, but I am influenced by any music that is played well on real instruments. 

How is the Cayman music scene right now? 

It has been very good to Hi Tide, but we put in the time, fight, dedication and sacrifices to make it that way for us. I am sure different musicians have different views on this topic. 

What’s your musical ambition?  

When we first started, it was to get signed to a major label and tour the world, but for me now, it’s to get more of our music licensed to TV, movies, commercials etc., and to continue to do more festivals abroad. We have done quite a few festivals over the past few years and it’s always a thrill making new fans and friends overseas, and we love representing the Cayman Islands the best way we know how.

Most importantly, where can we see you guys live? 

Deckers every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. and every Tuesday at George Town Yacht Club 6 to 9 p.m. 

For more details, visit

Cayman Islands musical group Hi Tide is back from headlining the Space Coast Festival in Cape Canaveral, Florida, last weekend.

The usual duo, of Shane Allenger on drums and lead vocals and Sean Hennings on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, that fans of the band know and love were joined by fellow musicians Roger “Bugs” Wilson on bass, Johnathan Ebanks on lead guitar, special guest saxophonist Paul Messina and drummer Joel Enriquez to form a larger ensemble.

“The event was essentially a festival, though we were able to use that as a backdrop to introduce our latest album The Studio Centre Sessions,” says Sean Hennings. He says the album is a DVD and CD of the bands work recorded live. The project features the same musicians that joined the men on-stage at the Space Coast Festival.

“The reception from the crowd was excellent. There were about 1,500 people in attendance,” Hennings says.

With Hi Tide’s style being a unique flavour of adult contemporary melodies and lyrics infused with jazz, as well as nuances of Caribbean genres, the band is essentially a musical hybrid and has consistently won the hearts of audiences around the world, as their sets tend to come as a breath of fresh air when other bands can tend to be similar in sound.

The hour long set played by Hi Tide not only pleased the crowd but organisers of the event have also expressed interest in having the band back for next year’s festival.

The honour of headlining such an auspicious festival in the United States was in no small part due to the band’s relentless promotion of their original songs and live shows.

“We heard they were having a festival there and I decided to send the organisers our new DVD album ‘The Studio Centre Sessions’. They then ended picking us to be the headliners,” explains Sean Hennings of Hi Tide.

One of Hi Tide’s songs called “Unity”, which features young children singing, was a song the organisers of the festival took a liking to; so much so that they arranged for school children from Capeview Elementary to join the band on stage for that song.

The Studio Centre Sessions is the 12th studio album from Hi Tide. The group has also done several other festivals in the US, including an acoustic festival in Sarasota, Florida, where they were well received and sold many albums, Sean says.

Hi Tide has also performed all over North America, France, England, Peru and Hawaii. The group can be seen at Decker’s Bar and Grill from this Thursday through Saturday from 7.30 to 9.30pm and at theReef in East End on Tuesday nights from 7 to 10pm.

For more information on Hi Tide, visit their website. Look out for a launch of the Studio Centre Sessions in Grand Cayman coming soon.

Local band Hi Tide is off to Cape Canaveral in Florida to headline the Space Coast Music Festival.

The honour of headlining such an auspicious festival in the United States was in no small part due to the band’s relentless promotion of their original songs and live shows, as well as their drive to put themselves in new and challenging situations without fear.

“We heard they were having a festival there and I decided to send the organisers our new DVD album ‘The Studio Centre Sessions’. They then ended picked us to be the headliners,” explains Sean Hennings of Hi Tide.

He says the group was going to launch the live album, which features video and audio in the Cayman Islands at the end of this month, which they will still do so once they are back from Florida. Though he says that the view is that this festival would also be a great platform to introduce the project.

Hi Tide is comprised primarily of the duo of Sean Hennings and Shane Allenger. However, the band has a larger ensemble, which features notable musicians such as John Ebanks, Roger “Bugs” Wilson and other players of instruments who joined Hi Tide on the making of the Studio Centre Sessions album. The album consists of past Hi Tide favourites that have been recorded live and featured on DVD.

The Space Coast Festival will take place next Friday and will feature Hi Tide playing a one-hour set.

“We leave next Friday and will come back that Sunday. Cape Canaveral is on the East End of Orlando and this is a music festival to raise funds for music instruments in schools in Florida,” Sean says. “It is far from just another gig. In fact, we have a song that is called “Unity” that is on the album that features young children singing and it was one of the songs the organisers of the festival took a liking to; so much so that they arranged for school children to join us on stage for that song.”

This is the 12th studio album from Hi Tide. The group has also done several other festivals in the US, including an acoustic festival in Sarasota, Florida, where they were well received and sold many albums, Sean says.

Hi Tide have also performed all over North America, France, England, Peru and Hawaii. The group can be seen at Decker’s Bar and Grill from Thursday through Saturday from 7.30 to 9.30pm and at theReef in East End on Tuesday nights from 7 to 10pm.


For more information on Hi Tide, visit their website at

Cayman’s favourite acoustic Caribbean pop act Hi Tide is a well-known staple of the live scene.

The band’s latest appearance is at Live on the Paseo at Camana Bay on Friday, 14 September from 7pm and Sean Hennings is here to tell us all about the act, which was formed in 1993.

What are the crowd-pleasing hits?

“A favourite Hi Tide song has always been ‘All We Need is Change’ from our first album, Change. I think our biggest crowd pleaser is ‘Love You More’. And right now people are also digging ‘Every Time’ because it is being used by Ortanique Restaurant for their commercial and is being played a lot on TV and in the cinemas.

“We write music the old-fasioned way – with pencil and paper.

Just kidding; They all come from melodies and poems in our heads. Either Shane [Allenger] or myself come up with the melody and some lyrics then we get together to complete it,” says Sean, the big kidder.


Exciting launch

Although the band is a duo – Sean Hennings and Shane Allenger – they’ve also worked on stage and in the studio with basically most musicians you can think of. Sean did send us a list but we’d need a 700 page Weekender to do everyone justice and quite frankly that prospect terrifies us as much as it probably does to those who are forced to read it.

Hi Tide recently completed a live CD and DVD called The Studio Center Sessions and its launch is going to be pretty special, we hear.

“We are planning to release it on 29 September in Florida where we have been lucky enough to be chosen as the main headliner for the Space Coast Music Festival in Cape Canaveral,” Sean reveals. Check out Weekender of Friday, 21 September for a lot more on that one.

In the meantime go see ’em for yourself.

Alongside the Paseo gig, they’re also regulars at Deckers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7.30 to 10.30pm and theReef in East End on Tuesdays from 7 to 10pm

Cayman’s own Hi Tide has just released their 10th CD as the popular duo celebrates 18 years of performing and recording together. Hi Tide 4 showcases 15 original compositions, all coloured by the band’s unique island sound.

Explaining the title, Sean Hennings, who handles guitar and back-up vocals for the acoustic band, says, “This is the fourth CD we have done containing all our own songs. There are a lot of love songs and we focus on sending out positive messages.”

The album includes the song “Get Warm,” which the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism adopted for its promotional campaign last winter. “The idea for the song was to bring people from all over the world into the warmth of the Cayman Islands,” says lead vocalist and conga player Shane Allenger.

“Reasons and Lies,” the first single released off the album, “is not what the title suggests,” says Allenger. “The song is about giving advice that you are not able to follow yourself. It’s about searching for answers that you already know.”

To make the point, he recites a line: “Too many people are telling me so many reasons and lies and so many people are showing me what they themselves can’t disguise.”

The men collaborate on composing the songs, both music and lyrics. “The secret to what we do,” Allenger says, “is that no matter what it is, we share the responsibility.”

Their musical roots are melodically manifested in their original tracks. “All of our songs have an island flavour in their own way. What Sean and I consider rock, pop, R&B, all have the essence of where we’re from,” Allenger says.

On their latest album, Hennings points to one particular composition, “Every Time,” that holds special meaning for him. “That was written for my youngest son when he was born, about how he made me feel. The hook is ‘You make me smile every time.’ I feel this album is our best work so far.”

Allenger then enthusiastically jumps in with, “But we are looking forward to our next one, too. We’ve already started it.”

The two, who are cousins, clearly enjoy working and hanging out together, joined by their love of music. “We always aim to produce original music and share it with everyone,” Hennings says, as his partner elaborates: “Our music is a kaleidoscope of many different colours of music that has our sound. It is heartfelt music, born from the spirit of Cayman, and the best is yet to come.”

Saxophonist Mike Phillips on coming to Cayman

Hearing about Jazz Fest on BET was what first brought him to the Cayman Stage- that and a little jingle penned by local band Hi Tide which accompanies the Cayman Islands' televion ads in the US.

Hi Tide’s two members, Shane Allenger and Sean Hennings, have plenty of talent and years of experience between them to churn out an excellent Christmas CD.

However, they went one better and included a number of songs on their latest Christmas album, titled Warm Wishes, which sees the duo teaming up with other Caymanian musicians such as saxophonist Devon Edie.

Local crooner Quincy Brown offers some variety on vocals on the album’s opening track Angels We Have Heard on High. With Jonathan Ebanks providing soothing guitar rhythms on the instrumental Auld Lang Syne, the CD’s closer – which makes sense, as Auld Lang Syne is actually the traditional New Year’s Eve song more so than Christmas. Mr. Edie’s sax spices up an instrumental version of Angels We Have Heard on High.

However, Hi Tide’s sound when they stand alone as a duo is no less impressive. Standouts include the melodious, relaxing sounds on It Came Upon a Midnight Clear and the band’s arrangement of 12 Days of Christmas, as the calypso rhythms prevent the song from become tedious when the lyrics begin repeating themselves for the 10th, 11th, and, yes, 12th time.

The CD marks the band’s eighth album, and third Christmas collection, but still their sound refuses to get old as the duo incorporate new beats and melodies into their repertoire of hits. One thing that remains constant, however, is their uniquely acoustic sound which, when coupled with the duo’s percussive rhythms and smooth vocals, is a treat for the ears.

Hi Tide continues to be one of Cayman’s success stories, having achieved international recognition for their music. Three of their hits – Open Invitation, In Your Kiss and That’s What I’d Do – have made it into the international charts, and most recently their song Love You More has been licensed for play in European stores while tunes Next to You and Don’t Ask Me Why have both been licensed to a new television show, Sleepless on Sunset.

Audiences in Cayman are lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch this talented band play live every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at Deckers Grill and Lounge.

Hi Tide - "Open Invitation" is up to #3 on the weekly playlists for WKEY-FM and WKEZ-FM. You are headed for the top!!
Hi Tide's song Open Invitation has reached #1 on the Independent Music Network's Mainstream charts. The charts are rated according to votes and radio requests. You can find out more online at
The band Hi Tide is also making some music history of their own. “Open Invitation” (Has) is the track that is taking the format by storm.
"Open Invitation", a single by local duo Hi Tide recently started making a strong appearance with Spins Tracking System. STS, a company in Long Beach California, calculates radio airplay for broadcasters, record companies and publishers. Hi Tide's "Open Invitation" recently showed up as #84 on the Hot 100 singles, #48 on mainstream and #29 on the independent charts. The same song is also being used in the Department of Tourism's TV commercial, which is extensively programmed on American National Television. The song was composed by Shane Allenger and Sean Hennings of Hi Tide for their album of the same name. Like much of their original music, the tune can best be classified as top 40 pop. The song or album can be purchased online form itunes, Rhapsody. CD Baby and many more
One would be hard pressed to try to categorize Caymanian band HiTide. Both sons of merchant seamen—cousins from The Brac—Sean Hennings and Shane Allenger were introduced to various musical genres at a young age. “Our fathers used to bring back music from all over the world,” says Hennings (guitar, drums and vocals). “And I believe our early appreciation for different types of music is why the melodies we create today cannot be placed into one bracket.” With a wide range of influences that include Steve Gadd, Annie Lennox, Dave Weckel, Stewart Copeland and Carlton Barrett of Bob Marley and The Wailers, Peter Gabriel, and Michael McDonald, one can quickly understand the band’s diversity. From rhythm & blues to even a little calypso, you name it and HiTide will play it. Having formed the band Network as teenagers in the 1980s, both Hennings and Allenger moved away from the islands for several years, though then still followed their musical dreams. Allenger lived and worked in Nashville, Tennessee where he performed regularly on TNN with such country greats as Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Nicolette Larson and Randy Travis. Hennings, on the other hand, called Hollywood home, while improving his drumming and musical skills at the popular Musicians Institute of Technology. Both eventually moved back to Cayman and formed HiTide as a full band in 1993. When, one by one, other members dropped out of the band, the two cousins decided they wanted to continue doing what they loved—even if only as a duo. “When we first started as a duo, we were told that we would never be able to survive,” says Allenger (lead vocals and congas), with a ‘Wonder what they think now?’ smirk. “We saw a place for what we do,” explains Hennings. “A lot of the times when you go out and listen to music it’s from a computer. But there are still people who love to hear good live music, and that is what we strive to provide.” With live musical performances becoming less popular, Allenger explains that some people might even assume that the band is pulling a Milli Vanilli (lip-syncing to previously recorded music). “It has happened before, where people have tried to cover our microphone, or even tried to hold Sean’s hands when he is playing—just to see if we’re really performing live.” With seven albums—Change, Begin Again, Unplugged Classics, Unplugged Classics 2, A Cayman Christmas, Merry Christmas from Hi Tide and Open Invitation— produced in ten years, HiTide’s resume is impressive and includes both opening for and performing with such major musical names as Jimmy Cliff, Bon Jovi, Garbage, Third World, Shabba, The Jeff Healy Band, George Duke, Al Jarreau, Natalie Cole and Emmylou Harris. Today the accolades continue to flow in. And most recently HiTide had a cameo appearance in the movie Cayman Went, and their song Open Invitation is featured in a Department of Tourism television commercial aired in the United States. “The music has always been in us,” says Hennings, who has hopes of taking HiTide to the world. “It was God given and we are going to use it to the best of our ability,” adds Allenger. All HiTide songs are downloadable on both iTunes and Rhapsody.
Hi Tide have been playing music in the Cayman Islands for 13 years and have gained a reputation for playing joyful, upbeat music that lifts the spirits of both local people, as well as visitors. Hi Tide are creative musicians who have forged their own, distinctive musical style. At the heart of Hi Tide are Shane Allenger and Sean Hennings. It is these two musicians that write most of the band’s material and represent them during their routine performances on the Island. Sometimes, for larger events more musicians are added, to make their sound even richer. Mr Hennings explained: “Hi Tide is really only Shane and Sean; and we do mainly a two- man show with me on guitar and Shane on congas.” He added, “This is our steady income and we have developed quite a following as a duo. But for big events such as the Jazzfest we like to use a full band to get the full effect.” At the recent Cayman Jazzfest, the line-up of the band consisted of Sean Hennings on drums and background vocals; Shane Allenger, lead background vocals and congas; Jonathan Ebanks, lead guitar; Bugs Wilson, Bass and background vocals; Jeff Japal, keyboards; and Kate Allenger, violin and background vocals. Some of the extra musicians that join the band from time to time have been working with Hi Tide for a long while, so their relationship with the band as a whole is a very good one, and their contribution perfectly fits in with Hi Tide’s style. “Jeff, John and Bugs have been recording and playing at various shows with us since our first album 13 years ago,” Mr Hennings explained. “Kate has been recording with us over the last four or five years.” Hi Tide’s music really consists of an eclectic mix of many different elements. Explaining the nature of the mix, Mr Hennings said, “Since there are so many flavours to our music but almost always with a Caribbean twist, we call it ‘Carib Pop.’ “Most of our stuff is easy listening and even our faster songs still tend to have a relaxing mood to them,” he said. Although the band cover many other artists’ songs, Mr Allenger and Mr Hennings are both prolific songwriters, and have between them written most of the songs on three of the band’s albums. They have also collaborated with local songwriters Jonathan Jackson and Mel McCoy. “We like the smooth but grooving songs,” Mr Hennings said. As far as covers go, we play hundreds of great songs. There are too many to mention, but some of our favourite artists are Bob Marley, Sade, Sting, Simply Red, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Cliff, and Third World, but the list is too long to name them all. “And as far as original songs are concerned, we like to play every song we’ve ever written. There are no favourites. They all come from us and we love playing all of them. If it was left up to us, we would play only our original songs and just once in a while throw in a cover song. “Of course we do love all the artists we cover. After all they are our inspiration. But the ideal Hi Tide show for us is when we play mainly originals; and there is no bigger complement than when someone comes to the stage and requests one of our songs.” One of their songs, ‘Love You More,’ is very popular with audiences, and although it still has that Caribbean lilt, the song sounds as if it would do well on pop radio stations anywhere in the world. “I think ‘Love You More’ is our most popular song to date,” Mr Hennings said. Although Hi Tide does not fit into the ‘traditional Caymanian music’ category in the same way as Swanky does, it is still, as Swanky is, an eclectic mix of regional styles, just as Swanky’s traditional ‘kitchen music’ is. The difference is really the time frame. Whereas Swanky’s music is really traditional music collected together from an earlier time, Hi Tide are really doing the same thing; it is just a much more contemporary version of what is understood to be ‘Caymanian music.’ Commenting on the Caribbean flavour, and more specifically, Caymanian identity of their music, Mr Hennings said: “Caribbean percussion and beat is always the most important thing in music. It just comes naturally to us. Sometimes it’s the guitar, sometimes the drums, sometimes the bass line that has the Caribbean sound. This is not intentional, it just happens that way. Mr Hennings continued: “We are fans of all kinds of music. Most Caymanians grow up listening to and loving all forms of music and it shows in the recordings of all local musicians. As we really don’t have a style of music that is truly Caymanian yet, we truly believe that with every album that we record we are coming closer to developing a sound that is truly Caymanian.”
So cool! Christmas in the Caribbean! Hi Tide consists of Shane Allenger (lead vocals, percussion, background vocals) and Sean Hennings (guitars, bass, drums, percussion, background vocals), and together they create the most excellent island pop. "A Cayman Christmas" is exactly what island dreamers would hope for in a holiday offering of this sort. The music is extremely well crafted, conveys a breezy sense of sand and beach without being hokey, and creates a mood that blows a carefree Caribbean breeze across the listeners. The too-short (just under 34 minutes) album features ten tracks, all well-known Christmas songs featuring Allenger's first-class tenor voice--rich, mellow, and full of heart. The always-delightful accompaniment has an upbeat island flavor and frames Allenger's efforts perfectly. The opening cut "The little drummer boy" really grabs the listeners' attention, particularly with the heavy-duty drumming of various sorts throughout. Other tracks cry for attention, too; for example, "Away in a manger" impresses with its Caribbean swing, and "Silent Night" features very sweet harmonies. My favorites, however, are probably the brightly jazzy "Winter wonderland" and "Jingle bells" (hey, Hi Tide, come to Minnesota if you really want to experience WINTER!). The CD slides to a stop with a warm and winning "Have yourself a merry little Christmas." Care to escape the rigors of ice and snow? Need a Caribbean vacation? "A Cayman Christmas" is a terrific ticket out of town. --Carol Swanson (Reviewed in 2004) More From the liner notes: Shane Allenger: lead vocals, percussion, background vocals Sean Hennings: guitars, bass, drums, percussion, background vocals Guest musicians: John Shillito: bass on tracks 2, 3, 7 & 9 Kate Copley: violins on track 2 & 10 Jonathan Ebanks: guitar solos on tracks 5 & Keith Waithe: flute on track 4 Gary Ebanks: sax on track 7
Based in the Cayman Islands, Hi Tide is up to its old tricks (see "A Cayman Christmas," also reviewed on this site), making very fun island pop. "Merry Christmas" is the second holiday offering from this duo, Shane Allenger (lead, background vocals, and percussion) and Sean Hennings (acoustic guitar, bass, percussion and background vocals), and the album is a clear continuation of the island magic flowing from the first. Perhaps the biggest change from the first album is something small--the sound of little kids' voices in "Do You Hear What I Hear?" In addition, on this second effort Hi Tide has invited other friends to provide bass (Lammie) and violins (Kate Copley) to enrich the instrumentation. Copley also applies some nice background vocals in two numbers. "Merry Christmas" has ten tracks of classic holiday standards. The tone is upbeat with swingin' Caribbean sensibilities. Again, Allenger's rich tenor voice is the star, and he really struts his stuff on songs like "Silver Bells," "The First Noel," and Roger Miller's "Old Toy Trains." Hi Tide sometimes offers up the unexpected. For example, tunes like "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" have a distinctly country flavor, making me imagine the Hi Tide guys in cowboy gear. Hi Tide really floats my boat when the island rhythms flow the strongest; for that reason, my gold stars go to "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "Do You Hear What I Hear?". --Carol Swanson (Reviewed in 2004) More From the liner notes: Musicians: Shane Allenger: lead, background vocals, and percussion Sean Hennings: acoustic guitar, bass, percussion and background vocals Special guests: Lammie: bass on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" Kate Copley: violins on "Rockin' Around," "Emmanuel," and "Here Comes Santa Claus"; background vocals on "Here Comes Santa" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" Alex Hennings: Piano on "Old Toy Trains" Kids voices on "Do You Hear What I Hear?": Ashley Borde, Alicia Boyd, Alex Hennings, William Jackson, Juliana Creary, Kayla Wood, Jerrica Wood, Jerdana Wood
Caymanian duo, Hi-Tide, entertained more than 100 guests at Miami's Splash Down party at DEMA recently. Held at the popular South Beach restaurant, WISH, Shane Allenger and Sean Hennings, who have been regulars on the Cayman music scene for a number of years, performed to a crowd of nearly 130 guests at the invitation only event. Director of Tourism Mrs Lania Rittenhouse said: "This event was special. It allowed the Cayman Islands to recognise and honour those members of the dive industry who have done so much over the years to develop our dive product in Cayman." The Leader of Government Business and Minister of Tourism, the Hon McKeeva Bush has publicly declared his commitment to showcasing local musicians at overseas events whenever possible. "Tourism provides us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our Caymanian talent overseas, whether we are entertaining business partners or wooing potential guests. I am delighted that, once again, tourism has exposed one more group of people to one more of our local treasures," he said.

The June artist named as 106.1 KISS FM’s “Local Artist of the Month” is Hi Tide, comprised of multi-talented cousins from the Brac, Shane Allenger and Sean Hennings. The young men, who started Hi Tide in 1994, were exposed to various musical genres as they grew up.

Their band, which has gone through many changes and featured other musicians, has endured as mainstays, according to Matt Nasby, programming director of 106.1 KISS FM.

“Though they are already well-known on the island, 106.1 KISS FM is happy to do its part to share their music with our loyal listeners and celebrate their immense talent,” said Mr Nasby. “Their music has evolved over the years as the duo incorporates new beats and melodies into their repertoire of hits; however, one thing that never changes is their uniquely acoustic sound – easy listening for any mood.”

Hi Tide members have completed eight albums, including their most recently released Christmas album. Songs from all of these albums are well represented on local radio, with three original songs, That’s What I’d Do, In Your Kiss and Open Invitation, taking a place on international charts.

With a range of music influences evident, including Steve Gadd, Annie Lennox, Dave Weckel, Stewart Copeland and Carlton Barrett of Bob Marley and The Wailers, Peter Gabriel and Michael McDonald—from rhythm and blues to even a little calypso—Hi Tide’s music is an eclectic mix.

“There are so many flavours to our music,” said Shane Allenger, “but almost always with a Caribbean twist – staying true to our roots! We are honored to be recognized as the 106.1 KISS FM Artist of the Month and we appreciate the support of the station in spreading our music and ensuring it reaches as many ears as possible!”

Hi Tide performs at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas between 3 and 6 June. “So for any of our local fans who are looking for an excuse to visit Sin City,” he adds, “follow us!”

Throughout the years, Hi Tide has shared the stage with many internationally acclaimed performers including Bon Jovi, Jimmy Cliff, Third World, Jeff Healey, Garbage, George Duke, Al Jarreau, Natalie Cole, Emmylou Harris and Randy Travis, performing all over the world including in the USA, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, South America and throughout the Caribbean.

Listeners can visit to learn more about Hi Tide, hear their music and to get information on upcoming shows and performances. Hi Tide plays live every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at Deckers Grill and Lounge.

“The radio is a powerful tool for any musician’s career,” said dms Broadcasting’s Network Promotions and Marketing Manager Phil Vinciullo, “and we would like to welcome any local musicians to submit their produced materials for future consideration in this ongoing feature. dms Broadcasting is always looking for ways to enhance our service to our community and the arts – especially showing support and giving back to our local talent.”

The radio station, 106.1 KISS FM, is one of four radio stations operated by dms Broadcasting Ltd., (96.5 CAYROCK, HOT 104.1, 106.1 KISS FM and X107.1), a subsidiary of dms Organization Ltd.